Products / Services

Sophic services are designed to provide expert recruitment support to ensure your organisation has access to widest possible talent pool, this enables our experts to work with you to engage the candidate pool, assess the suitability of the candidates and realise a shortlist that meets your requirement and that is culturally right for your business.

We recognise that each organisation is different and that the market is dynamic, so we will consult with you around job specification, market conditions, salary and package options as well as design the right selection methods to capture all the information for you to make informed hiring decisions.

Benefits of the Service 

By offering a full service provision, Retained, Exclusivity & Contingency (as well as integrated services such as Campaign management & RPO) we are able to define our service based on our customer’s needs, budgets, etc. 

Notwithstanding the differences in approach based upon the service selected, it is definitive that the hiring outcomes will be improved by using any one of the services offered by Sophic vs. standard direct recruitment models – the overall benefit of our service can be defined by the following;

  • Reduction in Recruitment cycle time  
  • Balanced, Equitable & inclusive recruitment process  
  • Increased applications and increased access to passive market  
  • Improved selection process taking in to account best cultural fit 
  • Consultative approach – Fit for purpose job specifications, up to date market information 
  • Better quality messaging to the candidate market focused on what you as a business is wishing to achieve with the hire.  
  • Higher quality candidates  
  • Reduction in man hours to execute recruitment process and associated cost reduction 
  • Greater access to a wider talent pool – regional, national, international  
  • Overall cost reduction when taking in to account cost of bad hire 
  • Improved CV to interview ratio  
  • Improved Interview to offer ratio  
  • Increased fulfilment %  
  • Reduced attrition  
  • Improved productivity  
  • Increased longevity 
  • Improved salary and package negotiation