Exclusive Recruitment Partnership

Sophic is passionate about working collaboratively with its clients, understanding their organisation in-depth, and providing the very best recruitment service whether it is for 1 hire or 100 hires+. We believe that working in an exclusive partnership is mutually beneficial and provides the right platform to share information,  create high quality specifications & briefs and better engagement with the talent pool to ensure consistent messaging and delivery of a consistent high-level of service, whilst at the same time strengthening your employer brand.

As a sophic exclusive recruitment partner you will benefit from having access to senior member of the sophic team to work with your HR & hiring managers, access to a wider talent pool,  cost effective hiring, improved hiring outcomes and support as and when you need it.

Our research shows that using Sophic as an exclusive recruitment partner improves  hiring success by over 32%, reduces recruitment cost (re-hiring & associated costs) by 25% as well as reducing fees by 10% on average, reducing recruitment cycle times and improved longevity of hire vs industry standard contingency recruitment.